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tv   12 News at 10pm  NBC  September 7, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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12 news at 10:00 with mark, vanessa caribe and coop starts now. >> 12 news at 10:00 tracking the big picture tonight. >> from politics to the cards breaking news a vehicle shooting on the valley freeway send two women to the hospital. a high speed chase ending in gun fire. hearing from the two suspects who bailed out of the car. newtown is moving out of arizona but rain chances linger. one woman's fight to get it right. 12 news at 10:00 starts right now. up first, breaking news a
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tonight. sky 12 is live over state route 51 north. the northbound lanes shut down. they'll be that way for several more hours. the gunmen are on the run. monique is joining us live. >> that's as close as police will let anyone get. monique? >> hey guys tonight police told us that woman was coming from the i-10 on to the northbound 51 when men were following her. during that call the dispatcher heard shots ring out. a live look from sky 12 s. scene very active tonight. police athe -- police say the northbound lanes will be closed for another five hours. the woman who was shot crashed her car into the center divider. she later died at the hospital. 911 received other calls from
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they described seeing the white truck driving aggressively. a second woman in a different vehicle is in the hospital tonight with injuries after being involved in a separate accident. police describing what happened. >> one of those calls was from an adult woman that said the truck was chasing her. while she was on the phone the dispatcher heard about three gunshots and the call was ended. our best description of the suspect's vehicle is three hispanic males that was white pickup truck with a ladder rack and toolbox in the back. it was last seen northbound on the 51 possibly exiting at thomas road. >> and again the vehicle shooting, police looking for a truck and possibly three men. the northbound 51 is closed from the stack to thomas. it won't reopen for at least another five hours. reporting live 12 news at
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our other big story this bizarre police chase that began with a police robbery and ended in a shootout in broad daylight. >> more details about who the man behind the wheel was. police confirming that steven del rio threw money wrapped in a t-shirt out of his car window into his sister's yard. tonight she sat down for an interview with kevin kennedy. >> she acknowledged her brother didn't make the right decisions yi him and that deep down he was a gentle soul. she can't believe what went so wrong. >> this sucks so hard. >> some questions will never be answered. some moments never erased. >> all i did was make eye contact with him. that's the last time we saw him. >> 24 hours after authorities killed steven del rio after a police pursuit his sister keeps asking the same thing.
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like this. >> police say he was the get away driver after two men robbed a barng with police chasing he called his sister. >> all he could say was i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. they messed up and now they're chasing me. >> like many of us she watched it live. she hoped he would stop and surrender. >> the only thing running through my head was to get my brother home. >> he didn't stop after tossing took off. that's when police swarmed in. >> surrounded by guns. and a dog and cops. >> police detaining christina unaware the pursuit was about to end. police say steven del rio pointed a gun, officers fired. >> shots are fired at the vehicle. >> they opened the door and say your brother is gone.
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brother means to her she knows the answer to that question. now as for the shirt and money tossed out the window christina says it was a few bucks. police would not give specifics but say all three were found with evidence that connects them to the bank robbery. new video tonight of one of the two robbery suspects caught after that robbery. ruben rodriguez granting a jailhouse interview request. told them he needed money to pay off a drug debt. he also admitted to robbing the bank. he seems to forget everything when our cameras are rolling. >> if anybody did get hurt i take responsibility for something i did. something i don't know what took place. i can't talk about it in detail. it took place yesterday. >> rodriguez ditched the car
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police k-9s caught up. >> the other suspect talking tonight as well. 21-year-old sergio escobedo telling a judge he was trying to get money to pay for his mother's cheem therapy. >> -- chemotherapy. >> stage four. i know with this i probably won't see her again. i'm not going to flee. i'm not. but if i could have whatever time i got left with her and then when my go ahead give me the death penalty. lock me up for life. >> court documents reveal he was in the backseat shooting at police. here are some more hot headlines. >> a man is in custody accused of stealing a briefcase with $3 million worth of jewelry. >> travion king swiped it off of rap star drake's tour bus last night.
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jewelry with him. sheriff's detention lieutenant is in stable condition. three inmates attacked and stabbed him multiple times. the woman accused of flashing a group of underage boys is asking for the case to be thrown out. attorneys for lindsey radomski claim that police mishandled evidence. she's also accused of sexual misconduct with one of the boys. we might not have seen too much of this in the heavy rainfall from now post tropical cyclone newtown caused flooding in southern arizona today. it made its second landfall this morning bringing nearly an inch of rain to parts of the state. new torn which is now a -- newtown which is now a rem innocent lou will -- remnant low will dissipate. it's confined to eastern and
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nothing is really very heavy tonight. some light showers from tucson towards stafford. pockets of heavy rain. but the valley right now is dwrie. tomorrow as we -- dry. tomorrow as we see the moisture wrap around a slight chance for a shower or two in the valley in the morning that we're going clear out. temperatures will be fantastic. 89 to t 4 degrees. -- 94 degrees. headed back to triple digits. more on that in a bit. and a new -- 2016 and a new poll out tonight showing arizona is too close to call between clinton can trump. the news poll found clinton is leading trump with 35% to 34% in our traditionally red state. >> about 23%. here's the key.
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trump clashing on the capacity to be commander-in-chief. >> trump's basic pitch is i am the change. clinton arguing that a change to trump would be dangerous. >> during the live broadcast at 6:00 we were joined by high profile guests from both parties in arizona. here's what they say was their one take away. >> i'm still a big supporter and fan of donald trump. when i look somebody who's abandoned our troops in benghazi and a lot of the national assets we have in relation to our soeldz skwlers and saying -- soldiers and saying she doesn't is offensive. i appreciate trump leaning into the discussion and he talks about having a defined strategy. >> my take away was that there's a stark contrast of presidential candidates. you have someone who has the experience and temperament to
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likes to engage in twitter wars. we saw someone who is ready to be commander-in-chief and that's secretary clinton. >> the first debate is september the 26th. new developments tonight a 12-time olympic medallist ryan lochte has been sus spended for sech -- suspended for months. lying about being held up by armed men. he's banned from the 2017 meet. the 2016 football season officially kicks off tomorrow night right here on 12 news. three days later the cards open up their season at home against new england. >> you can watch all the action, the game right here on 12 news. we know tom brady an out. jimmy steps in to replace him. how good is he?
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we haven't found that out yet. he's been in the league for three years. this will mark his first nfl career start. he looked pretty good in the preseason completing 66% of his passes two touchdowns with no interceptions but can he duplicate this when the real bullets start flying sunday night. blitz blitz and more blitz. league. dialling up the pressure sunday night. he expects as much but feels he'll be prepared as long as he trusts himself and the game plan. >> as the game slows down you're able to play faster. you know what you want to do with the ball. it's a comforting feeling. when you know what defoens expect when you -- defense to
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>> chandler jones is familiar with jimmy. >> jimmy is a young quarterback but i wouldn't call him a rookie quarterback. he has some experience. i've been watching him. he's gotten better for sure. he'll be a challenge for sure. >> you can hear it in his voice. he's very excited for this opportunity to show what he can do. is his big chance to take over the reign os tf offense and es -- reigns of the offense and brady. >> you play to be in the game. you don't want to be the back up. the opportunity is here. vy to go take -- i have to go take advantage of it. >> he's stepping into some very large shoes on the road against a team that brings the heat almost constantly. yeah i don't think i'd want to be jimmy. >> they'll be checking the pressure on the balls, right? >> you didn't go there.
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>> coop thanks. only on 12 news. watchdog wednesday. tile trouble. one woman's fight to get it right. apple's big announcement sparking a trending hashtag. and three game day diet tips. >> here's jimmy. >> michael strahan is here. music from vince staple do not change your channel. it's good.
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y23eoy yvpy we want to go back now to breaking news of the shooting on state route 51. a woman has died. the suspects still out there right now. monique has the latest, monique? >> all right now the 51 northbound remains closed from the i-10 interchange to thomas
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police are looking for the suspects possibly three men believed to be in a white work truck with ladders and a toolbox in the back. they shot and killed a woman who called 911. the dispatcher hearing the shots when talking to her. they received calls from different vehicles saying the truck was driving aggressively. the suspects and the vehicle remain on the loose tonight. 51 northbound should the morning commute. 12 news. since, you know, they didn't do it right, we felt they should fix it. >> she says she battled the tile company in the valley for four years with no luck in getting her problem solved. that is until she decided to call us. >> one phone call to our team made all the difference. >> joining us now to explain
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>> mary needed tile in hur sun city home for health reasons her oncologist told her it would be better to have the tile put in. so she did. four years later she says she finally got what she paid for thanks to call 12 for action. >> mary is an optimist. >> i try to be very positive about everything. >> so she was positive she'd found the right company for her new floor, a world of tile. something went wrong. >> i don't know what they did but the tile doesn't match. it was a totally different color. she claims representatives came out to look at the job and agreed. >> and they said it has to be torn up. >> but team that laid the tile the second time did a poor job. >> they didn't finish under the sink. on the borders they put some tiles one direction, some another direction. the grout is coming out all
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complaints o a world of tile -- complaints o a world of tile still -- to a world of tile. still hopeful. >> since she's a snowbird she came back from pennsylvania and contacted them again. >> it was a new manager. he'd never been told anything. and we had to go through everything again with him. >> she says she went around and around with three different managers for four years. each year she persisted. >> i gue b of the, you know, that we had spent. we wanted it done right. >> to her, it was a $12,000 investment in her health so she decided to go another route. >> we had channel 12 on for the news and they had about the call for action. and my daughter said mom, you need to do this. >> so she did. ricky one of our volunteer
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her voice. ricky put a call into the world of tile letting the company know we were looking into the case. and within weeks they got her a new tile floor. her third in four years. but this time mary is thrilled with the finished product. >> now i feel like a big weight has lifted off of my shoulders and i don't have to worry anymore. >> we asked about her situation and why resolved. the cfo pointed out that a world of tile doesn't do installation but made the decision to help saying in part they're pleased that mary is happy with her floor. we do not provide installation but will work with its preferred partners to help correct issues when brought to our attention. we look forward to many more happy customers in phoenix and
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sorts of consumer complaints and ricky says mary's persistence paid off. >> it's what got her the success. >> the key is to stay positive and hope it's eventually going to get worked out. >> she's looking forward to coming back to sun city this fall knowing the tile is in place just like she paid for four years ago. >> i'm grateful to channel 12's call to ac action i couldn't get for four years. >> there you go. persistence pays off. if you have a consumer cop plaint call 12 for action -- consumer complaint call 12 for action. or you can file your complaint online right now. go to and search call 12. >> good stuff.
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avethejack social media responding to apple's iphone 7 reveal. there will be no headphone jack. you'll have to use an adapter. or you can buy the wireless headsets. they're calling them air pods. the iphone 7 is water resistant and has a battery that lasts two hours more than an 6s. the plus has two cameras. $649 you can preorder this friday and get it next week. tracking tomorrow. the nasa mission led by the university of arizona is set to launch. the mission is to send an unmanned spacecraft on a seven- year voyage to get a sample of the asteroid. it orbits the sun at about
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records the earliest history of our solar system and might contain the molecular precursors to the origins of life. it will take off tomorrow at 7:05 p.m. weight loss wednesday and we're gearing up for the cards home opener this sunday. three tips tonight before you ruin your diet. >> we need them. typical game day. has as many as >> the chicken wing is one of the biggest culprits. god i love them. three to five of these guys can have as many as 300 calories and no one of course just like a potato chip you don't eat three to five. >> clinical dietitians are suggesting replacing the wings with chicken tenders. you can skwap out sour cream -- skap out sour cream and -- swap
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yogurt instead. >> experts say fill up your plate and when it's empty go back to watching the game. >> right. i don't think so. >> turn your back on the buffet table. no you're supposed to go at least five times. >> you have to. >> woi. >> can i have -- wow. >> can i have your metabolism, please? that would be amazing. >> it's 300 >> chicken wing. >> per wing, yes. >> you know what though isn't eating one of life's pleasures? >> it is. especially wings. >> all right you guys we had a tropical storm, a system that moved into arizona. not directly. but the remnant moisture from that. we didn't see much here in phoenix but some other parts of the state did. tonight we have some cloud cover left over. but really nothing in terms of
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southeast arizona. tucson another shower to the north of you pushing to the south. we'll continue to see that rain there and this shower activity continues through stafford. for the most part a lot of this in western new mexico. so we did get rain and quite a bit of it along the arizona- mexico border. two to three inches there. catalee that mountains got two to three inches as well. some areas getting rain. that's good. in the valley not that much from this system. but we did manage to get about half an inch or so in peoria and mesa picked up a tenth of an inch. early tomorrow it says we'll see a few showers alive there. not much in the valley. a little bit of wrap around moisture.
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and saturday we'll reintroduce the moisture in. storm chances up again for the weekend. as for tomorrow, mainly going to be these eastern areas. the white mountains in southeastern arizona where we could see showers and storms into tomorrow afternoon. 88 the high temperature today, well below average. the last time we've been in the 80s was back in may. may the 26th. tomorrow we bump those temperatures to the 90s. friday is fine. the weekend we bring back the chances of storms and the triple digits. a science project going viral in tonight's omg video. the voice. the legend, captures our mvp of the night next. we got married in june... ...on tunaday.
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12 sports is sponsored by your valley honda dealers. coop i know who your mvp is and let me say working in l.a. in the past i heard plenty of vince scully. >> no doubt. and tonight he broadcast his final game involving the diamondbacks. most every big tiemg memory in baseball has the iconic voice attached to it. >> one ball and no strikes. and waiting. deep and straight away. fast ball it's a high drive into deep left center field. it goes back to the fence. >> a black man is getting a standing ovation in the deep south for breaking a record of an all-time baseball idol. >> little roller up on first. behind the back. it gets there.
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>> fly ball into right field. she is gone. >> all that view exposed in a
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if you've been diagnosed with lung cancer, explore your treatment options with a team of specialists focused on the disease. we have all of the specialists involved in a seamless fashion so we can discuss cases. whether we talk about chemotherapies, immunotherapies, or even clinical trials... we have tremendous technologies that allow
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lung cancer center. surround yourself with our team of experts at cancer treatment centers of america in phoenix. one of only six hospitals in the country to be recognized by the joint commission for lung cancer care. because treating cancer isn't one thing we do, it's the only thing we do. the treatment of lung cancer has evolved tremendously. it is truly a very unique model where we have a well orchestrated team... to help patients be treated well. the evolution of cancer care is here. appointments available now. finally our omg video of the night. >> a high school girl's science project going viral. >> it involves glass bottles, a little tiny train and two
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? ? ? >> there's no way. that's not real. >> no way. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> we've searched all over to find out who this girl is and if there was some contest involved but only this video pops up. >> all i could ever do was make a fake volcano. >> i don't think i'm going to buy that one. >> i don't know if i am either. yeah i don't know. but if it was real. >> i think we should totally try to find out and prove it. >> maybe let's have a challenge. someone here in the valley.
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think it's real and legit. sing us good-bye vanessa. >> okay all right. >> you've been singing all night.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- michael strahan. zachary quinto.


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